What we do

We provide true reviews

The idea for our site came from our own travel experiences.We were frustrated when accommodation and location did not match the description that has been presented. Owners aren’t always completely honest when it comes to the photos they post on their websites. No one wants their hard-earned holidays ruined by booking dramas or a room that doesn’t pass muster.

Our reviews are honest, so you know exactly what you’re going to get before you arrive. 

We inspect in-person

Are you interested in buying property in Croatia? We send professional investigators to visit, photograph, review and rate each property for sale that interests you. Here’s example of our checklist:

  1. Is the property close to important facilities?
  2. Does it have the right number of rooms to suit your needs?
  3. Are the building and roof structurally sound?
  4. What are neighbourhood noise levels like?
  5. Does it have good natural light?
  6. Does it have adequate power?
  7. Is there any sign of termite activity?
  8. Are there any planned developments nearby?
  9. Is the garden suitable?
  10. Does the property provide sufficient parking space?
  11. Is the property at risk of flooding?
  12. What will some of the ongoing costs be?
  13. Where are the official property boundaries?
  14. Will you need to do any renovations?

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